La visione delle cose, ensemble and electronics (2012) – 25′ – [op.18]

La visione delle cose (2012) 25′
for ensemble and cythar speaker
commissioned by ensemble Vortex
dedicated to Francisco Huguet
First performance
Without Cage, minifest de musique de demain
Ensemble Vortex

Edizioni Suvini Zerboni


Cithar speaker, built by Léo Maurel


La Visione delle Cose is an aptent to make something primitive, looking at what is beyond musical cultural representation to touch a kind of pre-cultural music experience. In this piece electronics has no anonymous source, as happens in most electronic pieces, where the categories of enrichment of the instrumental material or acoustic counterpoint to the score prevail. In this case the electronics are an instrument. Since the electronic sound is defective, in the piece I try to eliminate the defect by balancing the acoustic aspect and the instrumental one. In this sense a solution can be found, I believe, to the discourse started by Nono, in Sofferte onde serene, and then continued by Marco Stroppa, and the development of the timée, a loudspeaker that projects the sound spherically and localizes the source. La visione delle cose is a piece for this strange new object, similar to an instrument without being one, which encloses the electronics in a box. This step gives rise to other aspects, a modular loudspeaker divided between magnet and membrane. In this way La visione delle cose experiments with this new approach which I arrived at after passing through many experiences in electronic diffusion and composition.